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Bar Jokes

Bar Jokes

       Clean jokes, funny jokes, free jokes, and clean bar jokes and humor about bars, bar jokes, drunks, booze, bartenders, and more.

At The Bar
The Eye of the Pirate
One Talented Hamster
Worst Day Of My Life
The Number Twelve
Birthday Presents
The Olives
A Banana On His Head
Giraffe in a Bar
No Scotch Here
Three Little Pigs
My Mother Had a Child
The Time
Alcoholics Anonymous
The Mongoose
Five More Pints
The Cuckoo Clock
Wine in the Face
Tarmacs in a Bar
The Lecture
The Excuse
Thirty Dimes
A Gorilla Serving Drinks
The Best Beer
Chasing a Fire Engine
Scotch Please
My Table
Exact Change
Short Bar Jokes

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