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  Five More Pints  

A guy went into a bar and ordered five pints of beer. The bartender was baffled by the request since the customer was alone, but nevertheless he poured him five pints and lined them up along the bar. The guy proceeded to down all five in quick fashion before wiping his mouth and saying: "That was good."
      As soon as he had finished, he ordered four more pints. Again they were lined up on the bar and the guy knocked them back quickly. By the last pint, he was definitely beginning to feel a little groggy.
      Undaunted, he ordered another three pints. These took a bit longer to sink and by the end he was slurring his words.
      Even so, he ordered another two pints. After drinking these, he could hardly manage to sit on his stool.
      Nevertheless he ordered one more pint.
      "I think you've had enough," said the bartender.
      As the guy struggled to focus on him, he said: "Yeah, you know, it's funny. The less I drink, the drunker I get."

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