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  The Cuckoo Clock  

After a night on the town, a husband lurched home at three o'clock in the morning. Just as he got through the door, the cuckoo clock started and cuckooed three times. Thinking on his feet because he knew that the clock would almost certainly wake his wife, he cuckooed another nine times.
      The next morning his wife asked him what time he had arrived home last night.
      "Twelve o'clock," he answered.
      When she didn't dispute it, he was convinced that he had got away with it. He was really pleased with himself.
      Then she added: "We really must get a new cuckoo clock. Last night it cuckooed three times, said "damn", cuckooed another four times,, belched, cuckooed another three times, cleared it's throat, cuckooed twice more and giggled."

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