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  Thirty Dimes  

A customer in a bar ordered a beer but as he drank it, he couldn't help noticing that it didn't taste as good as it should.
      "Excuse me, bartender," he said, "But this beer's a bit warm."
      The bartender glared at him. "Just shut up and drink your beer!" he snapped.
      Upset by the bartender's attitude, the customer decided to take a small measure of revenge when it was time to pay for his drink. Instead of giving the bartender three $1 bills, he threw thirty dimes behind the counter and watched amused while the rude bartender had to get down on his hands and knees to pick them up.
      In the hope that things had improved, the customer returned to the same bar the following day, waving a $5 bill. Still seething from yesterday, the bartender thought about kicking him out before remembering that he couldn't really afford to turn away custom.
      Once again, the beer was rather warm, but the man refrained from complaining. When it was time to pay, he duly handed over the 5 bill. The bartender went to the till to get the change, but, instead of taking out two $1 bills, he took out twenty dimes and threw them all over the pub. "There!" he said triumphantly. "There's your bloody change!"
      The customer surveyed the scene but remained perfectly calm. Then he took out ten dimes, threw them behind the counter and said: "Gimme another beer!"

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