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  The Time  

After a heavy day's drinking in a bar, a tramp fell asleep on a park bench as night closed in. But no sooner had he dozed off than a passer-by, spotting the watch on his wrist, tapped him on the shoulder and asked him for the time.
      Roused from his slumbers, the tramp grumpily replied, "11:30" and went back to sleep.
      A few minutes later, another passer-by prodded the tramp and asked him the time. "11.34," said the tramp irritably and settled back down to sleep.
      He had barely shut his eyes before another pedestrian woke him to ask the time. "11:39," muttered the tramp wearily.
      When another three people stopped to ask him the time in the space of ten minutes, the tramp could take no more. So he took a piece of card, wrote on it "I cannot tell the time", and placed it where everyone passing the bench could read it. Then he dozed off to sleep. Two minutes later, a man tapped him on the arm.
      "What do you want?" snapped the tramp.
      The man said: "It's a minute to twelve."

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