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Lawyer Jokes

Lawyer Jokes

       Clean jokes, funny jokes, free jokes, and clean lawyer jokes and humor about lawyers, criminals, judges, the law, cops, and more.

Cigars for the Judge
At the Pearly Gates
The Gate Is Broken
Do You Know Me
The Corrupt Trial
Two Of A Kind
A Poor Choice of Snack
I Have To Sleep With What
Do You Serve Lawyers
Deer Tracks
The Brass Rat
Bear With Me
That's Not Fair
The Associate's Vacation
The Appeal
Lawyer One Liners 1
Lawyer One Liners 2
Lawyer One Liners 3
Lock The Safe
Money In The Coffin
And A Lawyer Made Man
An Ounce Of Brains
The Lawyer's Charity
A Rarity
Valentine's Day Story
Greedy Lawyer
Honest Lawyer
Pact With The Devil

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