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  Blond One-Liners Seven  

      Q: What's the difference between a pit bull and a blonde with PMS?
      A: Lipstick.
      Q: Why is it good to have a blonde passenger?
      A: You can park in the handicap zone.
      Q: Why does NASA hire peroxide blondes?
      A: They're doing research on black holes.
      Q: Why does a blonde insist on him wearing a condom?
      A: So she can have a doggie bag for later.
      Q: Why does a blonde only change her baby's diapers every month?
      A: Because it says right on it "good for up to 20 pounds."
      Q: Why do men like blonde jokes??
      A: Because they can understand them.
      Q: Why do blondes like lightning?
      A: They think someone is taking their picture.
      Q: Why do blondes have little holes all over their faces?
      A: From eating with forks.
      Q: What does the postcard from a blond's vacation say?
      A: Having a wonderful time. Where am I?
      Q: Why do blondes drive VW's
      A: Because they can't spell PORSCHE!!

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