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  The Test  

A Honda rider decided to travel to Europe by cruise ship and managed to secure passage on the same boat as a bunch of Harley riders. Midway through the voyage, the ship sank and the ricer wound up in a three-man lifeboat with the ship's captain and two of the HD riders.
      The captain announced that someone would have to get out. "We'll do it right though," he said. "The three of you will be given a fair test and the loser will jump out."
      Everyone agreed, so the captain turned to one of the Harley riders and asked, "What was the largest ocean liner to sink in the past century?"
      "The Titanic."
      "Right," said the captain. Turning to the other Harley rider, he asked, "How many people were on the Titanic?"
      "That's correct," the captain stated.
      Fixing a hard eye on the Honda rider, he then said, "Name 'em."

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