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  Beautiful Cows  

A woman went to a psychic in an attempt to make contact with her recently deceased husband. After a few false alarms, he finally came through loud and clear.
      "How are you, George?" she asked. "Are you keeping well?"
      "I'm fine," said George. "I'm standing in this field looking at beautiful cows."
      "Can you see any angels?" asked the wife.
      "No, but who needs angels when you're surrounded by cows" There's a real looker standing right in front of me. Lovely long eyelashes . . ."
      "What about God?" interrupted the wife. "Have you met him yet?"
      "No, I haven't seen God either. Wow! That cow's a real cracker!"
      The wife was becoming irritated. "Why do you keep going on about cows all the time?"
      "Oh, sorry, I should have told you," said George. "I've come back as a bull."

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