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  Baseball Fanatics  

Pat and Mike are two 75 year old baseball fanatics. In fact, they go to just about every Cubs home game. One day, Mike was in a rather philosophical mood and asked Pat if he thought baseball is played in heaven. Pat replied, "I don't know, but someday we may find out.
      "Sad to say, the next day Pat died.
      Several months later, as Mike was reading the sports section in the newspaper at his kitchen table, the ghost of Pat appears to Mike.
      Mike asks, "Is that you, Pat?""It's me all right."Mike then asks Pat, "I gotta know - is baseball played in heaven?
      "Pat replied, "I've got some good news and some bad news regarding that question.
      "Mike says, "Tell me the good news
      "Pat says, "The good news is yes, baseball is played in heaven.
      "Mike then says, "Now tell me the bad news.
      "Pat says, "The bad news is you are the starting pitcher on my team tomorrow."

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