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  Yo' Mama's So Ugly... 3  

      ...she has to sneak up on a hurricane to catch a breeze.
      ...she has to sneak up on her mirror.
      ...she just got a job at the airport sniffing for drugs.
      ...she looks like she's been bobbing for French fries!
      ...she looks like the elephant man chewing on a wasp.
      ...she make onions cry.
      ...she practices birth control by leaving the lights on!
      ...she puts on her makeup in the dark!
      ...she scares the roaches away.
      ...she walked past a mirror and it exploded.
      ...she'd scare a buzzard off a gut wagon.
      ...she's the cover girl for iodine.
      ...that when she looks at a glass of milk it turns to cheese.
      ...the NHL banned her for life.
      ...the government moved Halloween to her birthday.
      ...the psychiatrist makes her lie face down.
      ...the tide won't even take her out.
      ...they only wanted her feet for the freak show.
      ...they pay her to put her clothes on in strip joints.
      ...they push her face into dough to make gorilla cookies.
      ...they threw her away and kept the afterbirth.

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