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  Yo' Mama's So Stupid...  

      ...she goes to the library to get a book of matches
      ...she thinks Boyz to Men is a Day care center
      ...she thinks Chevy Chase is a funny car race
      ...she brings toilet paper to a crap game
      ...she sold her car for gas money
      ...she got hit by a parked car!
      ...she thinks a quarterback is a refund!
      ...she cooks with Old Spice
      ...when you told her it was chilli outside she went and got a bowl
      ...she brought a rabbit to a hair salon
      ...she thinks Johnny Cash is a pay toilet
      ...she took a spoon to the superbowl
      ...she water's fake plants.
      ...she thinks a pawn shop is a chess players' club
      ...she thinks tofu is a guy with a foot fetish
      ...she went to a mind reader and was only charged half price
      ...she thinks lobotomy is a new dance craze
      ...when she went to a movie and it said, "under 17 not admitted,"she went home to find 16 relatives!

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