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  Charlie At The Race Track  

Charlie was a regular visitor at the race track. One afternoon he noticed an unusual sight. Right before the first race, a Priest visited one of the horses in the stable area and gave it a blessing. Charlie watched the horse race very carefully, and sure enough the blessed horse came in first!
      Charlie followed the priest before the next race, and again the priest went to the stables and performed a similar procedure. Charlie played a hunch and put a couple of dollars on the blessed horse. Sure enough, the blessed horse came in by two lengths and Charlie won close to fifty bucks!
      The priest continued the same procedure through the next few races and the horse won each time.
      So between races Charlie left the track and went to the bank to withdraw his life's savings, $20,000. The biggest race of the day was the last one. Charlie followed the priest and watched carefully which horse he blessed. He then went to the betting window and put his whole bundle of cash on that horse, to win. Then Charlie went out to watch the horses race.
      Down the stretch they came and as they crossed the finish line, the horse Charlie's fortune was bet on was far behind ... dead last!
      Charlie was crushed.
      He located the priest and told him that he had been watching him bless the horses which all became winners throughout the day. Charlie then asked, "What happened to the last horse which you blessed? Because of your failure on that last horse, I have lost my entire life's savings."
      "That's the trouble with you Protestants," sighed the priest, "you never could tell the difference between a blessing and the Last Rites.

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