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  Police Academy  

Three women were interviewing with the police chief to see if they were candidates for police academy. The police chief showed each of them a side view picture of a man's face. He said to the three, "We need to know how observant you are."
      He said to the brunette first, "Look at the picture and tell me something that you can see that would help to find this man."
      The brunette looked closely at the picture, then said, "That's easy, he only has one ear."
      The police chief asked, "How did you come up with that conclusion?"
      The brunette replied, "That's easy, just look at the picture."
      The police chief reminded her that it was a side view, not a front view. He than asked the redhead the same question. She looked and looked. She wanted to get it right, and prove that she was smarter than the brunette. Finally, she said, "That's easy, he only has one eye."
      The police chief asked her, "How did you come up with that conclusion?"
      She answered, "Just look at the picture, you can only see one eye, so he must only have one."
      Frustrated, the chief reminded her that the picture was taken of the side of the head, not he face. Then he turned to the blonde. "You're my last hope," he thought. "Now, can you tell me the answer?" he asked her.
      She really wanted to get this one right, and prove that blondes were smarter than brunettes and redheads. After scrutinizing it for what seemed like a long time, she smiled, and announced, "He wears contacts."
      The police chief was ecstatic. "That's right!" he exclaimed. "How did you figure that out?"
      "That's easy," she said. "He only has one eye, and one ear. He couldn't possibly wear glasses."

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