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  Quotes From The Perfect Mate  

      Quotes From The Perfect Man
      There ought to be a law against those porno movies. Can you believe that there are guys that would actually, want their wives to do those things they show?
      My golf clubs are only 30 years old. Why don't you use the money my parents gave us to get something nice for the house?
      Sports cars are just such stupid little toys for men who have never really grown up.
      You know, we really don't visit your relatives enough.
      Why don't you relax this weekend? I'll take care of the cooking and housework.
      Quotes From The Perfect Woman
      I'm sorry for leaving the toilet seat down, dear.
      I don't see what the big deal about those Chippendale dancers is. I prefer a man with some meat on his bones.
      I was wrong ... you were right. I'm sorry I argued.
      Forget Ally McBeal, let's watch Monday Night Football and have a belching contest.
      Just wear whatever you want to my parents'. You always look just fine!

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