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  Why Guys Love Their Dogs More Than Women  

There are hundreds of examples of why guys love their dogs more than they love women. Here are some of the more compelling arguments...
      Dogs will believe anything you tell them.
      Dogs prefer that you leave the toilet seat up.
      A dog will never tell you to ask for directions.
      Your dog thinks your breath smells great when you get up in the morning.
      A dog is always glad to see you when you get home.
      Dogs don't care if you forget their birthdays.
      A dog will never compare you to your mother.
      Fashion means nothing to a dog.
      A dog doesn't have to get up an hour early every morning just to get ready to go out.
      Dogs always sleep in the nude.
      Dogs don't mind if you play with other dogs.
      Dogs are always wearing the right shoes for the occasion.
      A dog will never choose it's career over you.
      Dogs never hold a grudge.
      When a dog grows whiskers, they're attractive.
      A dog can watch football on TV with you all day and not get bored.
      Dogs always let you open the door for them.
      Double-wide trailer or million dollar mansion -- it's all the same to your dog.
      Dogs will do tricks for your friends.
      A dog doesn't think it is rude to scratch yourself.
      Your dog thinks you are the smartest human alive.
      Dogs can't cook but don't pretend they can.
      Dogs never need you to buy them a fur coat.
      A dog will never make fun of you in front of its friends.
      Dogs don't mind getting a little dirty.
      Dogs don't ask you endless questions about other dogs you've had.
      When you come home late your dog will never ask where you've been.
      Dogs never mess with your tools.
      A dog won't tell your secrets to a dog groomer.
      A dog will never ask you to visit its family.
      Dogs never have cold feet in bed.
      Dogs will listen to what you have to say without interrupting.
      Dogs clean up your kitchen spills without complaint.
      As long as it has you, your dog doesn't need friends.
      Dogs are not allowed in shopping malls.
      Dogs always want to help you take out the garbage.
      If a dog turns out like it's mother it doesn't matter.
      Your dog will go fishing with you anytime -- no questions asked.
      Your dog doesn't care how long it's been since you shaved.
      Dogs don't expect you to buy them dinner before you can pet them.
      Dogs rarely outlive you.

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