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  Heaven And Hell  

A recruiter dies and goes to heaven. She and she alone holds the key to her eternal future. The recruiter is to spend one day in heaven, one day in hell, and then tell the keeper of the pearly gates where she wants to spend eternity.
      Day one: Heaven. Clouds, harps, angels. It's nice; a little dull, though.
      Day two: Hell. The recruiter is enthusiastically greeted by dear-departed colleagues who are dressed to the nines. The weather is pleasant, sunny and warm -- but not too warm, mind you. She and her colleagues play a round of golf. They eat fabulous food. They go dancing. She meets the devil who seems kind of nice. It's nothing like she imagined.
      The recruiter returns to the pearly gates, wherein the gatekeeper asks the recruiter where she wants to spend eternity. She pauses and then replies, "Hell."
      The recruiter is returned to Hell only to find her colleagues dressed in rags and picking up garbage. The place is blazing hot. The recruiter is stunned and turns to the devil, "I don't understand. This place is nothing like it was yesterday."
      "Oh," says the devil, "Yesterday, we were recruiting you. Today you're staff."

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