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  Spell One Word  

While driving home from a restaurant with his wife, a man was involved in a terrible car crash and died instantly. After a short journey through a dark tunnel with a light at the end, he found himself at the gates of heaven. St. Peter was awaiting his arrival and beckoned him towards the Pearly Gates.
      "Sir," began St. Peter, "you have proved yourself to be a kind and generous soul. You are worthy of passing through these gates. In order for you to enter heaven, I ask only one thing: that you spell one simple word, a word that epitomises the philosophy of heaven. The word is 'love'."
      "That's easy," said the man. "L-O-V-E."
      And St. Peter opened the Pearly Gates, enabling the man to enter.
      Just as the man stepped into the kingdom of heaven, St. Peter's pager went off. God needed him for an emergency meeting. "Excuse me," said St. Peter to the man he had just admitted, "could you watch the gates for me while I'm in this meeting" I shouldn't be more than ten minutes. All I ask of you is that you let nobody in unless they spell the word correctly."
      The man agreed, and St. Peter vanished, leaving him with a bright silver key to the gates.
      A few minutes, the man's wife appeared in front of the gates.
      "Hello, dear," she said.
      "What are you doing here?" he asked.
      "Well, they rushed me to the hospital and for a while it seemed as though I might pull through, but I didn't make it. I died of internal haemorrhaging.
      Obeying the instructions of St. Peter, the husband said: "My beloved, inorder for you to pass through the gates of heaven, you only need to spell one simple word. And the word is... 'onomatopoeia.'"

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