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  Golf With The Pope  

One day a man named Bob was playing a round of golf with the Pope. On the first hole, Bob hits the ball into a sand trap.
      "Darn, I missed." says Bob.
      The Pope says, "you shouldn't say that it is bad."
      Later on in the day on the ninth hole Bob hits the ball into the water. "Darn, I missed." says Bob again.
      The Pope says, "Don't say that, next time you do, God will strike you down with a lightning bolt."
      Close to the end of the day on the last hole, Bob hits it an inch short of the hole. "Darn, I missed." says Bob once again.
      The Pope looks into the sky as the clouds start to split apart. Then a lightning bolt comes down from heaven, striking and killing the Pope.
      God's voice echos, "Darn, I missed."

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