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  Doctor Shorts  

A famous surgeon went on a safari in Africa. When he came back, his colleagues asked him how it had been. "Oh, it was very disappointing," he said. "I didn't kill a thing. I'd have been better off staying here in the hospital."

      The doctor was examining the trick knee of his pretty young patient when he said, "What's a joint like this doing in a nice girl like you?"

      A doctor said to his patient, "Well, your leg is swollen, but I wouldn't worry about it." The patient replied, "No, and if your leg were swollen I wouldn't worry about it either."

      A man kept going to the eye doctor because his eye hurt and the doctor finally discovered his problem. He said, "Your eye hurts when you drink tea, so you can't drink tea." So the patient said, "But I love tea." The doctor replied, "Okay, as long as you take the spoon out."

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