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  The White Horse  

The Lone Ranger and Tonto were sitting drinking in a bar when a cowboy came in and asked: "Whose white horse is that outside?"
      The Lone Ranger replied: "That's my horse -- Silver."
      "Well," said the cowboy, "he doesn't look too good left out there in the blazing midday sun."
      So the Lone Ranger and Tonto went outside to take a look at Silver who was indeed suffering in the heat. The Lone Ranger gave him a bowl of water to drink and splashed some water over the horse's back. The problem was, there was no breeze, so the Lone Ranger asked Tonto to run around Silver to get some air flowing and to cool the horse down. While Tonto was doing this, the Lone Ranger returned to the bar to finish his drink.
      A few moments later, another cowboy walked in and asked: "Whose white horse is that outside?"
      The Lone Ranger turned to face him. "That's my horse," he replied. "What's wrong with him now?"
      "Nothing," said the cowboy. "I just wanted to let you know that you left your Injun running."

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