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Christian Jokes

Christian Jokes

       Clean jokes, funny jokes, free jokes, and clean Christian jokes and humor about church, pastors, God, Sunday School, and more.

Who Lied
The Lost Preacher
The Atheist And The Bear
Religious Logic
Short Sunday School Jokes
The Christian Lady And The Atheist
Died in Service
Sick In Church
Can't Go To Heaven
The Dead Mule
Who Was Jesus
The Preacher And The Donkey
New Dentures
Female Apparel
Things You Never Hear In Church
The Red-faced Pastor
The First Parent
The Children Of Israel
Borrowing The Car
Bible Sketch
States In The U.S.
Church And Children
Pastor's Wife
The School Test
Honk If You Love Jesus
The Last Minute
Door-to-door Visitation
Christian Shorts
More Christian Shorts
Eggs And Dollar Bills
The Lock

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